Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pumpkin Apocalypse?

Today's edition of the Tampa Bay Times calls the canned pumpkin shortage the "pumpkin apocalypse."

While I have to agree that having no canned pumpkin for hot pumpkin loaf and pumpkin pie is nothing short of a disaster, I think the panic is unwarranted.

Libby's is the brand that everybody talks about when they discuss canned pumpkin, and they happen to be having a shortage this year.

However, there are other brands of pumpkin out there if you know where to look. My local health food store, Rollin' Oats, has had cans of pumpkin every time I have gone in this season. It's organic pumpkin, and it costs a little more, but it makes excellent pumpkin loaf.

Afraid that people would rush the store to get the last bits of pumpkin, I bought four cans and stockpiled them in my pantry.

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