Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Group Projects Suck

I haven't really ever liked group projects. I am usually one of the ones who does my share of the work while some of the others get the grade without doing very much.

In high school and middle school, it wasn't that big of a deal because we had class time to work.

Now in college, I detest group projects. There is still the same problem with group members who do not participate as much as they should.

I have two group projects for final grades this semester. You would not believe how ridiculous it is trying to schedule meetings for five or six people, all of whom go to school full time and work, sometimes more than one job.

At the same time, though, it is a good way to see how people interact with a group. I think this is an important process, especially since my major is journalism. In my profession, if you can't work well with others, you aren't going to make it very far.

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