Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day.

It was a very unusual but fantastic Thanksgiving this year.

Marc and I usually do the traditional Thanksgiving at our house, or go to my parents house. Either way, we spend the day watching the parade, cooking the food, and watching It's A Wonderful Life after supper while decorating the house for the Christmas season.

This year, we woke up in our gorgeous hotel room at the Hilton St. Louis Downtown, ordered delicious room service (coconut and pecan crusted french toast for me, and eggs and potatoes for Marc), and then walked down to the parade route for the St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We heard MJ, the Tampa morning show DJ's, voice coming from a radio station tent and wandered over to say hello. Since I lived in St. Louis before I lived in Tampa and St. Petersburg, I knew that they are one of the markets that plays MJ in the morning. When we went over there and started chatting, the people working there gave us two free tickets to sit in the bleachers to watch the parade from the old courthouse.

After grabbing a very warm and delicious Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, we grabbed our seats on the bleachers, which had an amazing view of the Arch. We watched the floats, bands and balloons(which were lacking helium, and dragging on the road a bit) go by, often centered in the Arch from our view.

It all made for some really cool pictures, which will be seen in a ridiculously huge photo posting that I will do after we get all settled in at home.

After the parade, we raced back up to our hotel room (so I could defrost) and caught the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. Hearing Al, Matt and Meredith (how I miss Katie on Thanksgiving) really made it feel like Thanksgiving for me. Following the parade was the National Dog Show. I spent the rest of our time in the hotel room pointing out to Marc which dogs I "absolutely have to have."

Shortly thereafter, Lisa's friend Kassy, (who came to visit us in Florida when Lisa came down for vacation) picked us up and dropped us off at Lisa's Mom's house in Collinsville, Illinois. Since nobody was there at the time, we took a walk down to my parent's old house, just down the street from Lisa's parents. We trespassed in the backyard so I could show Marc the windows to my old room and the deck on the pond where I used to sit and talk on the phone as a teenager.

After our trespassing adventure, we went back to Lisa's parents house to wait for Lisa and her fiance and hung out with her Mom's dog, Prince, a little chihuahua who vibrates like my cell phone he shakes so fiercely. Less than an episode of Mythbusters later, (did you know that fourteen boxes of pepperoni pizza in the warmer things that delivery boys carry will stop a bullet from killing you?!) everybody showed up and we headed over to Lisa's grandparents house for their family Thanksgiving.

It was nice, and good to be around a big family for the holiday, but they had already eaten dinner by the time we got there! However, we were just in time for dessert, which was delicious. We even stuck around long enough for the leftover turkey to be pulled out for sandwiches, so we (kind of) got some Thanksgiving dinner in the end.

Afterwards, we were exhausted, and went back to Lisa and Zach's apartment to watch kiddie cartoons with their adorable son, Curtis, and work on the final planning for their wedding.

Definitely different from our normal Thanksgiving, but wonderful all the same.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello, St. Louis.

After nearly eleven hours at the airport in Orlando, we finally made it to St. Louis yesterday around 10:30 am.

Even though I have only met my friend Anja in person twice, including this visit, we had a great time together. We met online in 2004 on and have been friends and 'pen pals' ever since. The last time I came to St. Louis, for Lisa's baby shower, we walked around and met for the first time.

Anja is totally cool. There is no awkward moments and weird silences when we're hanging out. I enjoy spending time with her whenever we are in town, and I'm glad we got a chance to run around St. Louis with her again this time.

We went to The Loop, and had lunch at Blueberry Hill, which was delicious and very cute. Afterwards we walked around, hung out at Anja's apartment, and had custard (it's not really available in Florida) at Ted Drewes, which is very St. Louis.

After all our running around, Anja dropped us off at our fancy, schmancy hotel, the St. Louis Hilton. I felt very spoiled, with their 12 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling curtains on the windows, and my king sized bed.

After a total of 5 1/2 hours of sleep over a period of three days, I was pooped and almost missed out on the marble shower and cozy sheets, because I nearly fell asleep on top of the comforter in my jeans. I finally convinced myself to shower and put on my night gown, and crawled into bed and slept for 10 hours!

I love being in St. Louis. I am definitely not a Florida girl, and up here is a lot more my style. It's beautiful, but I can't wait to go to Chicago later this weekend. It's my favorite city I have ever been to.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy my time in Illinois with Lisa and Zach while we get ready for their wedding!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Benches Aren't Cozy

We are about four and a half hours into our overnight stay at the airport.

So far, it's been alright. Orlando International offers free wi-fi, which is a life saver. Marc watched Heroes on Netflix while I tried (unsuccessfully) to nap on a wooden bench. Now I'm guarding our luggage while he sleeps, and watching the first season of South Park.

We aren't able to check in our luggage until 5:30 am, and then we'll be able to go through security, grab some breakfast and maybe nap more comfortably inside the terminal.

Then, it's off to St. Louis!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leaving... on a jet plane!

Technically, I'm getting ready to leave my house in a car, to go to the airport, spend the night there, and THEN get on the airplane.

Either way, the ball is THIS CLOSE to rolling, and my vacation has ALMOST started.

I have this thing for airports.

It's not quite like my thing for a shirtless Taylor Lautner, but I still like them a lot.

That's why it doesn't even bother me that we are going to have to spend the night in Orlando's airport to wait for our flight tomorrow morning. In fact, it kinda tickles my fancy.

When I'm making travel arrangements, whenever possible (and as long as it doesn't jump the price) I try and have layovers (which, apparently most people avoid), especially if it's in an airport I have never been to before.

What can I say? I'm a freak.

Who else is a travel fanatic?

Icky Nasty.

I just had a customer who smelled like he had been swimming in an ashtray for the last 30 years. It wasn't even fresh cigarette smoke smell, or cigarette smoke breath. It was stale, gross cigarette smell, like when you leave an ashtray outside and it gets water in it and you discover it several weeks later.

I literally had to hold my breath while I was waiting on him, to avoid throwing up.

People are just gross sometimes. How can you not know that you smell that bad?

If you're ever around me, and I stink to high heaven, please tell me so I can go take a shower.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Both Harry Potter and Twilight are a series of books, full of magic and fantasy, that have been turned into very lucrative movies.

However, there are differences.

I personally believe that the Harry Potter books were much better adapted into movies. And the Twilight saga obviously wins in the sexiness department.

I love both the books and the movies in each series, but if I had to choose, I think I would go with Harry Potter.

What do you think? Make your arguments in the comments.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Overtime Win!

I'm working overtime pretty much all day today! I'll get about 45 hours this week, which is pretty good considering I usually only get about 30 hours a week.

No wonder I'm exhausted.

And, to make things even better, we aren't even busy today. Which means, I'm going to be getting paid time and a half to sit here and read New Moon (again).

After today, I only have two days of school/work before my vacation! I'm incredibly stoked.

I just have to make it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like... Well... nothing, actually.

Reason I do not like Florida #25662: Thanksgiving and Christmas DO NOT FEEL like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I got up early today (this growing up thing is weird... I used to sleep until the very last second I had before I had to get up) and turned on The Today Show.

They had the Rockettes flapping their legs around, and I said to myself, "Oh yes, it's nearly the Holiday Season."

Honestly, I forget all the time that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. It's easy to do that when the weather is over 80 degrees during the day, there are no leaves that turn on the trees, and the sun shines constantly (well, you know, during the day).

Perhaps it's just because I am a transplant, or maybe it's the fact that I have seen about a million Christmas movies that show the perfect holiday setting, but Florida holidays just don't do it for me.

I guess that's why I'm planning on spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas out of town this year.

New Moon > Twilight

I think that is the general consensus.

Better character development, better action sequences and digital effects.

Oh, and Jacob is SO much hotter than Edward.

While reading the books I was definitely "Team Edward," but I definitely want to change sides after watching New Moon. That Jacob is just so adorable.

After waiting and looking forward to the midnight premier, it's all over. ::sad face::

I don't usually go to see movies more than once in the theater (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Dark Knight are the only ones), but I think I might have to go and see New Moon again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Night!

I think I finally figured it out.

Even though I am working overtime this week and have tons of schoolwork to do, I have managed to make time to have a social life.

It's all about balance, they say.

It's all about learning to run on little to no sleep, says I.

Either way, I'm going to ... you guessed it, New Moon tonight. What can I say, I get a thrill out of the midnight showing and even the squealing girls. The hot shirtless guys don't hurt either.

So, after a day of school, going to work (twice), and grocery shopping, I'm going to go to a movie that starts after midnight. The point is, I'm going with friends!

Who cares if I am exhuasted tomorrow? That's where the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead" comes in.

Anger, I had it.

A few moments ago, I was very upset.

Our company wastes a lot of paper. TONS. It makes me sick.

I just found out that we have a new policy, implemented today, that makes us reprint customer's paper work to check for mistakes. The mistakes could be easily seen on the computer screen, but we now have to print 6-10 extra pages of paper.

I like trees, so I got pretty upset. Then, I found out that the excess paper gets recycled after we toss it. It's still a waste, but at least our extra paper doesn't end up in a landfill.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Group Projects Suck

I haven't really ever liked group projects. I am usually one of the ones who does my share of the work while some of the others get the grade without doing very much.

In high school and middle school, it wasn't that big of a deal because we had class time to work.

Now in college, I detest group projects. There is still the same problem with group members who do not participate as much as they should.

I have two group projects for final grades this semester. You would not believe how ridiculous it is trying to schedule meetings for five or six people, all of whom go to school full time and work, sometimes more than one job.

At the same time, though, it is a good way to see how people interact with a group. I think this is an important process, especially since my major is journalism. In my profession, if you can't work well with others, you aren't going to make it very far.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thunder Thighs = Death

I have a hole in my jeans. Not in any place intentional or trendy, like the knee or back pocket.

I have a worn through, stringy hole on the inner thigh. I just noticed it.

The rest of these jeans are fine. They are in perfectly good working order and could easily last me another year, if it weren't for my holey thigh.

Now, I have to go buy a new pair of black jeans, because I have friendly thighs that like to rub against each other. Constantly.

Prior to holes, this causes a little phenomenon that I like to call "thigh balls." This is the first step to holey thighs, in which the fabric starts to come apart and rub into little balls right there in your crotch. Nice, right?

Urgh. Here's hoping Old Navy is going to have a sale on denim soon.

Pumpkin Apocalypse?

Today's edition of the Tampa Bay Times calls the canned pumpkin shortage the "pumpkin apocalypse."

While I have to agree that having no canned pumpkin for hot pumpkin loaf and pumpkin pie is nothing short of a disaster, I think the panic is unwarranted.

Libby's is the brand that everybody talks about when they discuss canned pumpkin, and they happen to be having a shortage this year.

However, there are other brands of pumpkin out there if you know where to look. My local health food store, Rollin' Oats, has had cans of pumpkin every time I have gone in this season. It's organic pumpkin, and it costs a little more, but it makes excellent pumpkin loaf.

Afraid that people would rush the store to get the last bits of pumpkin, I bought four cans and stockpiled them in my pantry.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bridesmaid Squared.

I was so excited nearly a year ago when my best friend in Illinois, Lisa, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Technically it will be my second time being a bridesmaid, but I don't count the first time. I was invited to a wedding in Las Vegas a few years ago to be a date for a friend of mine from high school who lived in California. He was friends with the bride.

Me, my friend from high school, a friend who lived in Florida with me at the time and the bride's brother were the only guests at the wedding. I helped the bride get ready, and stood by her while she was saying her vows, but it was also the first time I had ever met her. So it doesn't really count, right?

Lisa lives in St. Louis, and I can't really be a part of the bridal festivities until the week of the wedding. No bachelorette party or bridal showers for me to plan and go to.

Since I've been looking at stuff to plan my wedding for over a year now, my friend Kerry (you remember her from one of the first posts of my blog), asked me if I could help her with planning earlier this week.

We sat at a diner for less than two hours and basically planned her entire wedding. This was necessary because she is getting married in 24 days... and she hadn't picked colors, a theme, and she hasn't even picked a dress.

After we got done going over details, Kerry asked me if I would like to be her bridesmaid! Even though we haven't known each other for very long, maybe a little over two months, I was delighted.

Now I've got ideas about bachelorette parties, lingerie showers and vintage bridesmaids dresses running through my head. I finally get the experience of being a bridesmaid for somebody who I know, and who lives in my zip code.

The only thing... Lisa and Kerry's weddings are a week apart. Lisa's is on November 28th in St. Louis and Kerry's is December 5th in Tampa. Should make for an interesting couple of weeks. I'm thrilled.

Fuzzy Happiness.

My mother often calls me her "perpetual five-year-old." It's true. I have a deep love of days at Disney World. I enjoy spending my break between classes and work watching Spongebob Squarepants. I bring a stuffed animal with me on vacation.

I don't see this as a problem.

I find joy in so many little things that so many people don't think twice about. For instance, I met a new friend yesterday. Meet Frosty:

I made Frosty yesterday at Build-A-Bear Workshop. My friend Kerry, Marc and I all warmed up a heart for Frosty, and Kerry helped me fluff him up and wash him. We all picked out accessories for Frosty (the pipe, scarf and broom, naturally.)

I know that Build-A-Bear is a store for elementary school kids. But I had a great time. We giggled and played and had a fun time. It's refreshing. And childish or not, I think that's a good thing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nerd much?

Today I was bored at work, and decided to see how much tickets were to go and see the premier of New Moon at the movie theater near my house. Even though the first showing of the movie isn't for another 10 days, the 12:01 am and 12:05 am showings are already sold out!

Mildly panicked, I decided to buy tickets for my fiance and I for the 12:10 am showing before we didn't get a chance to go see the movie on opening night.

Because that would be, like, horrifying. (sarcasm)

Best. Haircut. Ever.

My fiance works at a kayak shop a couple days a week. A few weeks ago, he sold a boat to a guy who works at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg. As a thank you to Marc, he gave us two $20 gift certificates to get our hair cut at the training school.

It was the best haircutting experience I have ever had! My haircut was $12, and I got a clear glossing treatment (shiniest hair ever!) for $10. With my gift certificate, my haircut was $2 (plus a $5 tip). My stylist's name was Kayla, and she was wonderful. Not only did we bond over our hate of the sun, love of cold cloudy days, and a mild Twilight obcession, but she did a fantastic job on my hair.

Since the stylists are all students, they are learning all aspects of salon care. So, included in the price of my haircut was a shampoo and conditioner (which I love), hand/forearm massage, a full style including blowdrying, and a make up touch up when I was all finished. All in all, I was at the salon for a little over three hours... and loving every minute of it.

Not bad for a $22 bill, huh?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Assignment

My little sister works as an au pair for a freelance journalist who writes for Vogue Italia. JEALOUS.

The other day, she needed to get some e-mail addresses from publicists for Michelle Pfeiffer and Sofia Coppola. Awesome, right?

Well, since my sister doesn't have a very good phone connection (she uses Skype to make phone calls), she asked me to call the publicists offices and get the information for her. I didn't get to talk to anybody extremely important, but it was a pretty cool experience.

I don't think I would mind working for a celebrity news magazine or website sometime in the future. It was fun trying to get ahold of people who work with famous people, haha.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Diet: Day One

I hate diets. It always seems like I work extremely hard, sacrifice much, and then see results very slowly, if I see results at all.

Today I started my post-Halloween diet. I had enough junk food over the last week to last me months. I am going to be the bridesmaid in a wedding at the end of the month, and am going to do some traveling for Thanksgiving. I would like to be 15 pounds thinner by the time I leave for my vacation, and 25 pounds lighter by Christmas.

So far, so good. I have managed to avoid leftover Halloween candy all day! Mondays are rough... lots of running around, but I have only eaten healthy snacks. Hopefully I can behave myself for the rest of the day. I have a fitting for my bridesmaid's dress on Thursday!

Is anybody else working on a goal right now? How is your progress?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm back from the brink of death! And, unfortunately, back at work. Which means I'm bored.

I found this little gem, the Insider's Guide on It has interviews with experts who have advice for how to do just about anything. It's a pretty good waste of time, and I learned some pretty neat tricks!

How did everybody's Halloween go?

I had a great little party with some awesome friends. I injested too much food coloring, though, and ended up with bright orange poo today! Trick or treat!