Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello, St. Louis.

After nearly eleven hours at the airport in Orlando, we finally made it to St. Louis yesterday around 10:30 am.

Even though I have only met my friend Anja in person twice, including this visit, we had a great time together. We met online in 2004 on and have been friends and 'pen pals' ever since. The last time I came to St. Louis, for Lisa's baby shower, we walked around and met for the first time.

Anja is totally cool. There is no awkward moments and weird silences when we're hanging out. I enjoy spending time with her whenever we are in town, and I'm glad we got a chance to run around St. Louis with her again this time.

We went to The Loop, and had lunch at Blueberry Hill, which was delicious and very cute. Afterwards we walked around, hung out at Anja's apartment, and had custard (it's not really available in Florida) at Ted Drewes, which is very St. Louis.

After all our running around, Anja dropped us off at our fancy, schmancy hotel, the St. Louis Hilton. I felt very spoiled, with their 12 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling curtains on the windows, and my king sized bed.

After a total of 5 1/2 hours of sleep over a period of three days, I was pooped and almost missed out on the marble shower and cozy sheets, because I nearly fell asleep on top of the comforter in my jeans. I finally convinced myself to shower and put on my night gown, and crawled into bed and slept for 10 hours!

I love being in St. Louis. I am definitely not a Florida girl, and up here is a lot more my style. It's beautiful, but I can't wait to go to Chicago later this weekend. It's my favorite city I have ever been to.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy my time in Illinois with Lisa and Zach while we get ready for their wedding!

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