Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leaving... on a jet plane!

Technically, I'm getting ready to leave my house in a car, to go to the airport, spend the night there, and THEN get on the airplane.

Either way, the ball is THIS CLOSE to rolling, and my vacation has ALMOST started.

I have this thing for airports.

It's not quite like my thing for a shirtless Taylor Lautner, but I still like them a lot.

That's why it doesn't even bother me that we are going to have to spend the night in Orlando's airport to wait for our flight tomorrow morning. In fact, it kinda tickles my fancy.

When I'm making travel arrangements, whenever possible (and as long as it doesn't jump the price) I try and have layovers (which, apparently most people avoid), especially if it's in an airport I have never been to before.

What can I say? I'm a freak.

Who else is a travel fanatic?

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