Monday, November 9, 2009

Best. Haircut. Ever.

My fiance works at a kayak shop a couple days a week. A few weeks ago, he sold a boat to a guy who works at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg. As a thank you to Marc, he gave us two $20 gift certificates to get our hair cut at the training school.

It was the best haircutting experience I have ever had! My haircut was $12, and I got a clear glossing treatment (shiniest hair ever!) for $10. With my gift certificate, my haircut was $2 (plus a $5 tip). My stylist's name was Kayla, and she was wonderful. Not only did we bond over our hate of the sun, love of cold cloudy days, and a mild Twilight obcession, but she did a fantastic job on my hair.

Since the stylists are all students, they are learning all aspects of salon care. So, included in the price of my haircut was a shampoo and conditioner (which I love), hand/forearm massage, a full style including blowdrying, and a make up touch up when I was all finished. All in all, I was at the salon for a little over three hours... and loving every minute of it.

Not bad for a $22 bill, huh?

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