Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding & Diet

When Marc and I set our wedding date for November 6, 2010, there were a lot of factors that helped us determine which day would be best.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the weather, and the general feeling of togetherness that people feel around this time of the year.

Marc proposed on November 6, 2008, so that date was significant to us as a couple.

My sister would be out of the country, living in Italy from the summer 0f 2009 to summer 2010. We certaintly couldnt have the wedding without my maid of honor, so it would have to be after that.

November 6, 2010 seemed like the perfect date.

What I didn't consider was my diet. I usually try and eat pretty healthy, and stay away from sweets, especially now that I know I'm going to start shopping for wedding dresses early next year. However, it just seems to get so much harder during this time of the year.

When picking the date, I must have forgotten about Halloween candy, and Halloween party food, and how tempting pumpkin loaf smells while baking in my oven. I forgot about pumpkin pie and edible haunted houses and hearty cold weather favorites like chili and potato soup. I forgot about peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes and hot chai.

How in the world am I going to maintain the figure I'm going to work on for the next year when the month prior to my wedding is full of delicious, fattening goodies?

I guess I'll just have to start building up some will power.

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