Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ode To Starbucks

My freshman year of college, I went to the University of South Florida's Tampa campus. I didn't have a car, and had to wait around on campus for rides a lot of the time. I would spend most of my free time in the library, studying or reading. There was a Starbucks on the first floor of the library, tempting me every day. In 2005, I wrote this poem:

Ode To Starbucks

Oh, how I'd love to have Starbucks
Sadly, I can't; I have no bucks.

How wonderful the coffee looks.
Too bad I spent all my money on books.

In the library looms that coffee smell.
It makes studying a living hell.

It would be great to have just one drink.
But I can't afford it, I sadly think.

This is the reason I came to college,
Not for good coffee, but to gain knowledge.

Perhaps if I save every nickle, dime and dollar,
Once a week, I'll give Starbucks a holler.

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