Thursday, October 22, 2009


In one of my journalism classes the other day, we had a guest speaker. He talked about a story called "The Girl In The Window," published in July of 2008 by the St. Petersburg Times. He told us that it was one of the most read articles on their website for that year, even though people generally don't read long, drawn out articles on news websites.

He peaked my interest, and I decided to look up the article. It was accompanied by a Special Report by

I read the article at work, on the verge of tears the entire time. What I found was a story of bravery, sacrifice, compassion and love. The little girl, Dani, has been through hardships in her short life that I can not even imagine. And yet, she manages to perserve, accomplishing things many never thought possible.

The article is a little long, but if you have the time, I definitely recommend it. It is a nice dose of perspective for those of us who complain about the little things that go wrong in our lives.

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