Thursday, December 3, 2009

I heart Chicago.

Chicago is my favorite city that I have ever visited. I went for the first time when I was 13, when my family drove over from Anderson, Indiana to catch a Cubs game. Riding in the car along Lake Shore Drive, I fell in love. Ever since, I have wanted to go back every chance I got.

So, when Marc and I went up to St. Louis for the wedding last week, we decided to check on flights out of Chicago back home. Turns out they were several hundred dollars cheaper than if we flew out of St. Louis.

We took the train from Alton, Illinois to Union Station in Chicago. It was so cool! I had never ridden on a train before!

We kicked butt in Chicago. We ate at The West Egg and Burrito Beach and White Castle while we were up there, which are my favorite places in Chicago to dine. We saw The Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, The Sears Tower (technically it's the Willis Tower now, but it will always be the Sears tower to me), Wrigley Field and Millenium Park (from the car).

It was incredible, even though it was rainy and cold the entire time we were there. Marc had never been and I loved experiencing things with him that he had never done before. As much as we loved visiting the city, we were exhausted and very happy to lounge at the airport and get started on our trip home.

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